EOC Closed for Weekend

The EOC will be closed November 10th, 11th, and 12th.

It will reopen at 8:30 am on Tuesday, November 12th.

You can continue to reach the PRRD 24 hour line at 250-784-3200, however please note that calls of a non-emergency nature will be returned once the EOC reopens on Tuesday.

Hot Water Tank Information

Upon hearing of issues with hot water tanks, the Peace River Regional District has followed up with local contractors to understand why some hot water tanks may be having issues. If you have had issues following de-winterization, please read the points below.   

  • During the winterization process, hot water tanks were drained and de-energized when the power was shut off to the community. If a home was re-energized before it is de-winterized, it may have also re-energized the water tanks, causing the water heater element to burn out. D. Bauer Mechanical, the contractor currently performing the de-winterization, anticipated this potential problem and has been replacing water heater elements as necessary as they perform authorized de-winterization services.
  • Older hot water tanks nearing the end of their life (usually 10-12 years) may have failed due to their age and the stresses of emptying and refilling tanks. This regular household maintenance cost is the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • If you have questions about power loss and power restoration and potential impact on electronic circuits, please contact BC Hydro at 1-888-769 3766. For additional information on potential claims, please visit:

Old Fort Landslide Video Recap on Re-Entry Process

Old Fort Re-Entry Centre is Closed

Re-entry Centre for residents of the Old Fort Community is now closed.

If residents were unable to go to the Northern Grand on November 4, 2018, the re-entry packages will be available at the Resiliency Centre on November 5, from 11am  to 7pm and can also be downloaded at the following link  Downloaded forms that are completed must be returned to the PRRD Office in Fort St John at 9505 100 Street.  This will ensure that services can be arranged.

If you have any questions, please contact the EOC at 250-784-3200

Be Prepared

Remember that there are Alerts and Orders in areas above the Old Fort Community. Residents still need to be prepared.

Old Fort Road

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has built a semi-permanent road that can support regular traffic and emergency response vehicles. Landslides are complex, and there is potential that weather and seasonal changes could initiate movements. This may result in the need for enhanced maintenance and/or the potential for single lane traffic or road closures. The Ministry does have monitoring equipment in place to track any changes, as well as an operating protocol to ensure that they can respond appropriately depending on the severity of any movement.

Special Board Meeting and Re-Entry Centre

At a special meeting held November 4 2018, where the Peace River Regional District (PRRD) Board resolved to lift the evacuation order in The Old Fort Area, effective 3 pm Nov 4, for all HOMES excluding 7605 Old Fort. 

Three properties with homes remain on alert.

Some properties (without homes on them) remain under evacuation order.

Re-entry Centre for residents of the Old Fort Community is opened as of noon today (Sunday November 4, 2018) at the Northern Grand in the Grand One room.

The PRRD has prepared a heading back home package for each resident that includes coordinating the de-winterizing of homes and the filling of cisterns.

Residents will need to meet with PRRD staff to arrange for these services.

Staff will walk you through the re-entry process and the paperwork that needs to be signed off on.

Staff are at the Northern Grand as of noon today (November 4) ready to assist residents in returning home.

Please bring proof of residency.

If residents are unable to go to the Northern Grand today (November 4, 2018), the re-entry packages will be available at the Resiliency Centre on November 5, at 11am  to 7pm

For details please see the website.

CHANGES to Evacuation Orders for the Old Fort Landslide – November 4th

EFFECTIVE November 4, 2018 at 15:00 Hours

The Evacuation Order for all homes in the Old Fort Subdivision will be rescinded excluding 7605 Old Fort Road, which will remain in the evacuation order.

The Evacuation Order for the following properties have been DOWNGRADED to an Evacuation Alert.  This means residents may return home, however, should still be prepared to leave on short order notice.

  • 6975 Old Fort Road,

  • 9820 River Drive

  • 7583 Old Fort Road

Click here to view the updated map and package

Resiliency Centre Hours of Operation

The resiliency Centre will be open Sunday and Monday (November 4 and 5th) 11- 7 pm.

Emotional Support volunteers will be onsite. Don’t forget to look at the service and resource volunteer board, as there are many offers for assistance.

Notice of Special Board Meeting – Sunday November 4, 2018

Notice of Special Board Meeting – Sunday November 4, 2018 Sunday, November 4, 2018 – North Peace Cultural Centre, 10015 – 100 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC at 11:00 a.m.

The purpose of the meeting is to receive geotechnical information regarding the Old Fort Landslide in Electoral Area C.

The meeting is open to the public.