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The EOC is Closed

The EOC has closed for October 20th as of 16:00 hours. 

The EOC will reopen for October 21th at 08:30. You can reach the PRRD 24 hours a day by calling 250-784-3200

Old Fort – BC Hydro Update

Following is updated messaging provided from BC Hydro:

  • BC Hydro has prepared plans to restore power to the Old Fort Area in two-pronged approach
  • With permitted access, BC Hydro is surveying and vegetation clearing is underway now to prepare for construction and repair of power lines to Old Fort
  • Rebuilding the power line on the west side of Old Fort will start as early as Saturday October 20, 2018 with completion estimated for Monday or Tuesday next.
  • BC Hydro will build a new line into Old Fort on the east side, with construction expected to start as early as Monday October 22 with completion estimated for Thursday or Friday next week.
  • The power line on the east side will restore the majority of the BC Hydro customers in Old Fort.
  • BC Hydro is asking Old Fort customers who have access to their homes to turn off lights and appliances, but leave one light on outside their house and one light on side to signal when power has been restored and avoid cold load pick-up
  • BC Hydro has applied to the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) for billing relief for Old Fort customers. The intent is to waive the billing for the days when the Peace River Regional District Evacuation Order is in effect.  This must first be approved by the BCUC and more information will be provided following the BCUC decisions.

Old Fort – MOTI Update

Following is updated messaging provided from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI):

  • The Ministry has assessed the re-establishment of road access and plans to construct a temporary road over the slide debris
  • Safe work procedures are in place, which includes a monitoring system to ensure the workers’ safety within the slide zone
  • Equipment is mobilized and crews are about to begin work on the west of the slide zone
  • Estimated temporary road access to be complete within three weeks

Old Fort – Planning Update

Medium Term Planning:

  • If the evacuation order is removed in the future and residents are able to return home, the Emergency Operation Center is planning strategies for:
    • Road access needs for residents, emergency services, school buses, etc.
    • Short-term extensions of ESS until that time
    • Cleaning or disposal of fridges/freezers, deodorizing homes, removal of pests, etc.
    • Winterizing of RV’s and boats will done as precautionary effort in the event that cold weather temperatures arrive before the evacuation order is able to be lifted
    • If a resident of Old Fort has an RV, Boat, Hot Tub, or pool that will need to be winterized please call 250-784-3200

Long Term Planning:

  • If the evacuation order is not removed and residents have to remain out of their homes long-term, the Emergency Operation Center is planning strategies for:
    • Long term housing
    • Vulnerable populations and their needs
    • Determining the possibility of when and how large items could be removed
    • Providing security through a contractor as long as the order is in place

Disaster Financial Assistance – Update

Yesterday, October 19, 2018, the Province reported that the deadline for DFA is January 17, 2019.  This is not correct and the correct date has been changed to TBD, as the deadline is usually when the Evacuation Order is rescinded.

Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) is a provincial program to help individuals and local governments recover from uninsurable disasters.  DFA is administered by the Emergency Management BC (EMBC), part of the Ministry of Public Safety and the Solicitor General.

The DFA Program comes into effect when residents cannot access insurance for events that are uninsurable, such as this event.  DFA eligibility criteria, as defined in the Act and Regulation, have been applied consistently and fairly throughout the Province since 1995.

DFA can compensate individuals for 80% of eligible claims, after the first $1,000 to a maximum claim of $300,000.  DFA is for essential items only.  It provides or reinstates the necessities of life, including to help repair or restore damages to home and to re-establish or maintain the viability of small businesses and working farms.  Loss of land or damage to land (except for some farm land) is not eligible for DFA.

Forms and information sheets for DFA can be found at the Resiliency Centre for residents.

Residents can call 1-888-257-4777 Monday to Friday, email dfa@gov.bc.ca or website www.gov.bc.ca/disasterfinancialassistance

Geo Technical Information Update

The PRRD should be receiving a report from Westrek by the end of next week.  Once the report is received a community meeting will be scheduled and announced to share the findings.  Other agencies will be invited to this meeting to provide updates as well.

Disaster Financial Assistance

Emergency Management BC announced yesterday, October 19, 2018, the Old Fort Landslide is eligible for Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA).  For information on DFA visit www.gov.bc.ca/disasterfinancialassistance, call 1-888-257-4777 Monday to Friday, or email dfa@gov.bc.ca.

Find summary of the program here DFA Summary

The EOC is Closed

The EOC has closed for October 19th as of 16:30. 

The EOC will reopen for October 20th at 08:30. You can reach the PRRD 24 hours a day by calling 250-784-3200

What is the Difference Between an Evacuation Alert and an Evacuation Order?

Do you know what the difference between an evacuation order and an evacuation alert? Watch this video for more information. 

The EOC is Closed

The EOC has closed for October 17th as of 6:30pm

We will reopen at 8:30am on October 18th, 2018. You can reach the PRRD 24 Hours a day by calling 250-784-3200.