Emergency News

Old Fort Landslide – Westrek Final Report

Westrek’s final report on the Old Fort Landslide is available here.

Following the community meeting held December 17, 2018 Westrek has issued an update to this report regarding City of Fort St. John’s stormwater system.

Evacuation Order Rescinded for a Portion of One Property

The Geotechnical Engineers have examined the evacuation order area and have determined that for the majority of the parcel starting 50 meters west of the property line on CROWN PROVINCIAL: N1/2 of SE ¼ SEC 19 TP83 R18 W6M no longer requires to be under an evacuation order.

Evacuation orders will remain in place for the following properties:
PID: 014-675-986
7605 Old Fort Road
9909 240 Road
9911 240 Road
Crown Provincial: N1/2 OF SE1/4 SEC 19 TP 83 R 18 W6M
And a portion of:
6975 Old Fort Road
7583 Old Fort Road
9820 River Drive
Crown Provincial: N 1/2 OF S 1/2 OF SW 1/4 SEC 19 TP 83 R 18 W6M
Crown Provincial: N1/2 OF SW1/4 SEC 19 TP 83 R 18 W6M
Evacuation alerts will remain in place for the following properties:
6933 265 Road
6963 265 Road
9819 240 Road
PID: 006-773-397
PID: 007-387-539
Crown Provincial REM SEC 18 TP 83 R 18 W6M
A 50 metre wide Right Of Way around the current location of the semi-permanent access road in N ½ of S ½ if SW ¼ SEC 19TP 83 R 18 W6M and N1/2 OF SW1/4 SEC 19 TP 83 R 18 W6M

Evacuation ORDER 10 Old Fort Dec 5 2018

Evacuation Order RESCINDED 20181205

Waste Bins in the Old Fort Community

The waste bins for waste, fridges and freezers that were placed in the community on November 5th will be removed from the community on Monday, November 26th.

If you have any questions please call 250-784-3200

Have you filled out the Old Fort Residents Survey?

The Survey will close on November 30, 2018.

The purpose of this survey is to give the Old Fort residents the opportunity to provide feedback to the PRRD regarding Emergency Support Services (ESS), and your experience communicating with and receiving communication from the PRRD EOC. 

Paper copies can be dropped off at the FSJ PRRD office (9505 100 Street)

The survey can be completed online, by going here https://ca.surveygizmo.com/s3/50038004/Old-Fort-Slide-Preliminary-Survey

Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) reminder for Old Fort residents

Old Fort subdivision residents are reminded to submit DFA claims. The province has now indicated they will consider the power outage in Old Fort as an eligible cause of claimable damage.

  • Disaster Financial Assistance is a provincial program that may provide financial assistance for certain costs property owners and tenants have incurred as a result of the 2018 Old Fort landslide and associated power outage
  • Not all costs incurred are eligible; there are principal residency and other eligibility requirements that must be met
  • It is not necessary to have all repair, replacement or other costs documented at this time in order to start the application process. Residents who feel they have a claim are strongly advised to submit a DFA application (include info from the website) as soon as possible as a 90-day deadline will shortly be set.
    Signed DFA applications should be emailed to dfa@gov.bc.ca  


EOC Closed for Weekend

The EOC will be closed November 10th, 11th, and 12th.

It will reopen at 8:30 am on Tuesday, November 12th.

You can continue to reach the PRRD 24 hour line at 250-784-3200, however please note that calls of a non-emergency nature will be returned once the EOC reopens on Tuesday.

Hot Water Tank Information

Upon hearing of issues with hot water tanks, the Peace River Regional District has followed up with local contractors to understand why some hot water tanks may be having issues. If you have had issues following de-winterization, please read the points below.   

  • During the winterization process, hot water tanks were drained and de-energized when the power was shut off to the community. If a home was re-energized before it is de-winterized, it may have also re-energized the water tanks, causing the water heater element to burn out. D. Bauer Mechanical, the contractor currently performing the de-winterization, anticipated this potential problem and has been replacing water heater elements as necessary as they perform authorized de-winterization services.
  • Older hot water tanks nearing the end of their life (usually 10-12 years) may have failed due to their age and the stresses of emptying and refilling tanks. This regular household maintenance cost is the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • If you have questions about power loss and power restoration and potential impact on electronic circuits, please contact BC Hydro at 1-888-769 3766. For additional information on potential claims, please visit: https://www.bchydro.com/contact/claims.html.

The EOC is closed

The EOC is closed and will reopen November 9, 2018, at 8:30 am

Call the 24-hour line 250 784 3200

The Resiliency Centre will close on Friday

The last day that the  Old Fort Resiliency Centre will be open will be Friday till 7 pm

There is a volunteer board at the Resiliency Centre of people who want to lend a hand to Residents in the Old Fort that need help with cleaning, moving appliances or other services. The Board will be moved to the FSJ PRRD office on Tuesday for residents to access.

People of the Peace- People Helping People with the removal of Fridges and Freezers from Homes in Old Fort

R&R rentals will assist with removing Fridges and Freezers from homes.

Residents requiring assistance removing units from their home can contact R&R Rentals, Aaron Pritchard 1-780-292-5790 to schedule their help.