Emergency Alerts

Evacuation Order Rescinded for a Portion of One Property

The Geotechnical Engineers have examined the evacuation order area and have determined that for the majority of the parcel starting 50 meters west of the property line on CROWN PROVINCIAL: N1/2 of SE ¼ SEC 19 TP83 R18 W6M no longer requires to be under an evacuation order.

Evacuation orders will remain in place for the following properties:
PID: 014-675-986
7605 Old Fort Road
9909 240 Road
9911 240 Road
Crown Provincial: N1/2 OF SE1/4 SEC 19 TP 83 R 18 W6M
And a portion of:
6975 Old Fort Road
7583 Old Fort Road
9820 River Drive
Crown Provincial: N 1/2 OF S 1/2 OF SW 1/4 SEC 19 TP 83 R 18 W6M
Crown Provincial: N1/2 OF SW1/4 SEC 19 TP 83 R 18 W6M
Evacuation alerts will remain in place for the following properties:
6933 265 Road
6963 265 Road
9819 240 Road
PID: 006-773-397
PID: 007-387-539
Crown Provincial REM SEC 18 TP 83 R 18 W6M
A 50 metre wide Right Of Way around the current location of the semi-permanent access road in N ½ of S ½ if SW ¼ SEC 19TP 83 R 18 W6M and N1/2 OF SW1/4 SEC 19 TP 83 R 18 W6M

Evacuation ORDER 10 Old Fort Dec 5 2018

Evacuation Order RESCINDED 20181205

Evacuation Alert # 8

Evacuation Alert 8 – Old Fort Landslide 20181104 with map

Evacuation Alert Area Expanded

The evacuation alert was expanded based recommendations from Westrek Geotechnical Services Ltd. based observations of increased signs of instability near the head scarp of the west, main and east slides, where tension cracks are being observed further up the gully.  As such, the risk to the surrounding properties near the slides has increased and have been placed on alert.  We will continue monitoring the movement and will be collecting additional LiDAR information on a daily basis.  Any significant movement noted during aerial survey via helicopter will be reported and updates provided accordingly.

Evacuation Alert 6 – Old Fort landslide 20181010 with map

Evacuation Alert – Properties south 240 Road, east 265 Road

October 9, 2018 Evacuation Alert #5 Old Fort Landslide 20018 10 09 with map