About pRRRdy

The pRRRdy Bird is the Peace River Regional District waste education mascot. The information below highlights simple, every-day actions that residents and businesses can take to help reduce waste. We will also showcase capital projects implemented at our solid waste sites to make help make waste diversion more accessible and convenient.

A main component of the pRRRdy program is the Five Rs.


The first step in waste reduction. This is all about rethinking your actions and choices.


The second step in waste reduction. This step is about saying no to excess waste. Do you need that plastic grocery bag? Can you bring a reusable bag? Can you say no to paper billing in favour of digital billing?


The third step in waste reduction. This step is finding ways to minimize your eco-footprint and reduce the amount of waste from your house or business.


This is the fourth step in waste reduction. This step is about repurposing and finding new ways to use something so that it can have a long life. Is one person’s trash another person’s treasure?


This is the fifth step in waste reduction. If a product cannot be rethought, refused, reduced, or reused then perhaps it can be recycled and given new life.

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