A message from CRS and YRB

Spring is in the air.

CRS and YRB are asking folks to check their culverts as the snow begins to melt in the region.

The public is responsible to maintain their own access culvert(s), even though those culverts may have been originally installed by MoTI. It is recommended that once the melting starts, residents should dig out the ends of their culverts to assist in run-off and reduce risk of flooding. Road crews are required to maintain culvert crossings which run across MoTI roads, but not private access culverts into driveways. 

The crews main focus during spring freshet is to protect the road infrastructure in order of priority and road class.

YRB: 250-262-2600 
CRS: 250-786-5440 Toll free: 1800-667-2322

MOTI website for driveway responsibilities including drainage is: http://www.th.gov.bc.ca/Development_approvals/driveways.htm