Reducing Business and Office Waste

Today’s blog is all about reducing waste in your office! Let’s face it, we spend a good portion of our days at work so why not try to reduce your waste here too.

Waste Reduction Tips for Reducing Paper:

Say no to paper by:

  • Going electronic.
  • Storing files digitally.
  • Edit files on computers rather than printing it out.
  • Reduce unsolicited mail.
  • Posting or send work memos electronically instead of printing.

If it is not possible to completely cut out paper try these ideas:

  • Print double sided.
  • Reuse scrap printed paper by making notepads.
  • Consider not using cover sheets on faxes.
  • Cover mailing addresses with labels and then reuse the envelopes.
  • Use recycled or alternative paper.
  • Re-purpose shredded office paper as package filling.
  • Reuse boxes for shipping.
  • Have a bin for recycling paper.

Other Waste Reduction Tips:

  • Purchase products that have little to no packaging.
  • Consider buying more products in bulk.
  • Ask that deliveries be shipped in returnable containers if possible.
  • Minimize colour printing (it uses more ink).
  • Buy recycled toner and ink (cartridges contribute metal and plastic to landfills).
  • Buy used furniture.
  • Recycle e-waste (computers, printers, etc.) responsibly. There are places throughout the regional district that can recycle these material properly. 
  • Provide reusable dishes for meetings.
  • Provide recycling bins for bottles, containers, etc.

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