Change in ownership at Minaker River Park

The Peace River Regional District (PRRD) will relinquish its License of Occupation of Minaker River Park, located 0.4km west of Milepost 200 on the Alaska Highway, back to the Provincial government. The resolution was carried at the October 17, 2022 Regional Board meeting.

The PRRD provided notice to the Province in January 2022 that renewal of tenure for the recreational area known as Minaker River Regional Park was not required. The maintenance costs of the park are proportionately higher than other regional parks maintained by the Regional District, due to its remote location and challenging road access.

Minaker River Park has been tenured to the PRRD since 1992, and in that time, campers, anglers and backcountry travelers have routinely made use of the area. Before the PRRD ownership, the property was home to a gymkhana grounds where fishing competitions took place on the banks of the river. The Regional District will be donating all existing park infrastructure to the Province as a good will gesture, for the benefit of the future tenure holder.

“On behalf of the Peace River Regional District, we would like to thank the Province for the use of the beautiful property at Minaker River Park for the last 30 years. It is our hope that the area will continue to be put to good use moving forward.” – Board Chair, Brad Sperling

With the return of the park to the Province, the Regional District is seeking additional land to add to the inventory of spaces for public use within the region. All inquiries concerning future use at Minaker River Park are to be directed to the Province, via FrontCounterBC.

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