Feedback needed from Area B residents on potable water in Rose Prairie

The Peace River Regional District held a community meeting with Area B residents on March 30, 2023 to update the community about the Rose Prairie water station, and to discuss possible solutions for potable water sources in the area. The Rose Prairie water station has been closed since March 11, 2021, after explosive levels of gas were detected in the air within the treatment storage tank and the well casing. The planned February 22, 2021 opening was cancelled and further testing during the following week revealed continued levels of gas within the casing.

The PRRD retained Tetra Tech Canada Inc. (Tetra Tech) in 2021 for the provision of environmental consulting services at the Rose Prairie Potable Water and Bulk Loading Facility located at 15615-259 Road, North Pine, B.C. The feasibility study through Tetra Tech involved a root cause analysis and recommended various removal option(s) for the explosive gases, measured, and observed, in the existing Rose Prairie well water source. The PRRD has published copies of the Gas Removal and Assessment Options Report, Alternate Source Evaluation Report and the FAQs from the community meeting on March 30.

As a response to feedback from the community meeting, a survey has been published to collect feedback from Area B residents on possible next steps for providing potable water in the Rose Prairie area. The feedback received from the survey will help gauge support and assist in the Regional Board’s decision on next steps and recommendations, which will be discussed at the next Board Meeting on May 18th.

The Regional District is urging all Area B residents to complete the user survey by April 14, 2023.

More information about regional water services is available on the PRRD’s website.

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