Planning process for North Peace Leisure Facility moving forward

Local area governments exploring options for new aquatics/recreation complex

Fort St. John – The planning process for a new aquatics and recreation facility to serve the North Peace is nearing a critical milestone. The Peace River Regional District (PRRD Areas B and C), the City of Fort St. John, and the District of Taylor are working together to explore options for the proposed North Peace Leisure Facility. A feasibility study that identifies the best opportunities to replace the aging North Peace Leisure Pool is nearing completion and is expected to be put before elected officials for consideration soon.

The completed feasibility study will include recommendations on a wide variety of issues including what features could be included in the building, estimated construction cost, proposed location, and the business case for a new facility including some of the operating costs and revenue projections.

No final decisions on project scope or other major considerations have been made at this point. If a decision is made to move forward with a project, voters would have to approve any borrowing required to build the new facility through a referendum.

The planning process for a new facility began in 2018 but was paused due to COVID-19 pandemic challenges. The process got back on track in 2022 with a new round of public consultation and re-launch of the feasibility study development. The feasibility study will balance community input with cost, affordability, and other considerations in recommending what could be included in the facility. To learn more about the planning process for the project and the community input to date visit:

The North Peace Leisure Facility (NPLF) Replacement Steering Committee, which includes elected representatives from the PRRD Board and Fort St. John and Taylor Councils, is meeting regularly to support the completion of the feasibility study and ensure resident needs are addressed in proposed recommendations.

When the feasibility report and related recommendations are complete, they will first be reviewed by the Steering Committee, and if supported, will be presented to the PRRD Board and the Fort St. John and Taylor Councils for consideration and provisional approval. Elected officials would then determine the process and timeline to seek approval from voters in the affected communities to borrow the funds needed to pay for the project.

Contact information:
North Peace Leisure Facility Replacement Steering Committee

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