Commercial fee increase

As costs for landfills and recycling increase, regional districts and landfills continue to look for innovative new ways to decrease costs as well as occasionally need to increase tipping fees. The last increase to tipping Fees took place in 2014.

Feedback received during the initial public survey on updating the Regional Solid Waste Management Plan received several comments suggesting the PRRD look into different rates for residential and commercial users.  While consultation is still underway for the Regional Solid Waste Management Plan, the PRRD has started looking at ways to apply the public’s feedback into day-to-day operations.

The fee increases for commercial users will also help support the PRRD’s goals of increasing waste diversion and proper sorting for commercial users. When landfill loads are properly sorted, it allows for the materials to be recycled and reused more easily. Loads that are properly sorted have a lower charge compared to loads of mixed materials.

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