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Public Notices

Construction Activities in Charlie Lake

Development applications for lands within the Old Fort Study Area


Local Government Climate Action Plan (LGCAP)

The LGCAP is a program to support local governments and Modern Treaty Nations by contributing predictable and stable funding. This funding supports local climate action to reduce emissions and prepare communities for impacts of a changing climate. Please find our survey information and attestation form submitted for the 2022 year.

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Addressing Challenges – June 8, 2023 Committee of the Whole Meeting re: Land Sharing

At the June 8 Committee of the Whole meeting, the topic of a Land Sharing Network was on the agenda for discussion. That meeting had to be ended prematurely and rescheduled to a future date and held at a larger venue. Based on the June 8th meeting, the Regional Board received a letter from Prophet River First Nation, Halfway River First Nation, Doig River First Nation, and West Moberly First Nations, expressing disappointment over the negative tone of the June 8th meeting. We have provided an apology directly to those First Nations and wish to acknowledge the gravity of the situation.

On behalf of the Peace River Regional District and our Board of Directors, we extend our sincere apology to those who attended for the way the meeting unfolded.

We believe that the level of frustration expressed at the meeting was due in large part to misinformation about the proposed Land Sharing Network, and we recognize that many of the residents attending the meeting, either in person and or online, had genuine concerns about their land ownership rights. We wanted to give them a chance to share input, and apologize for not being prepared to facilitate sharing of those concerns in an environment that was a safe place for all to be able to hear and participate, given the unexpected number of people who took the time to attend.

The PRRD withdrew its support for the Land Sharing Network, and the First Nations involved in the proposed Network have decided not to pursue the project. We are disappointed that an initiative intended to bring our communities closer together by building trust and working relationships has resulted in greater division instead.

This situation demonstrates the importance of open and proactive communication, and we commit to working together with our residents and our neighbours to pursue opportunities to build relationships and address concerns as they arise.


Yours truly,


Chair Leonard Hiebert

Peace River Regional District

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Hot Tub to permanently close after repairs unsuccessful

Due to unsuccessful repair attempts, the hot tub at the North Peace Leisure Pool will be permanently closed. Over the past several months, staff and specialized contractors have diligently investigated and addressed multiple pipe breaks within the pool deck concrete. However, despite these efforts, it has become apparent that the hot tub cannot be restored to a functioning state.
The repair process faced several significant challenges, including the absence of accurate as-built drawings and the encasement of piping in concrete. Further, the specific piping materials used during construction have degraded due to the combination of heat and chemicals necessary for the safe operation of the hot tub.

“We understand the frustrations associated with the permanent closure of the hot tub, but further repairs are not feasible. Despite the challenges posed by an aging facility, our dedicated team will continue working diligently to ensure its usability until a suitable replacement is built,” acknowledged Trevor Bolin, Chair of the North Peace Leisure Pool Commission and the North Peace Leisure Facility Replacement Steering Committee. “The North Peace Leisure Facility Replacement Steering Committee remains committed to developing a plan for a new facility in the near future.”

The North Peace Leisure Facility Replacement Steering Committee continues to actively work on completing the feasibility study that identifies the best opportunities to replace the aging North Peace Leisure Pool.
The completed feasibility study will include recommendations on a wide variety of topics, including what features could be included in the building, estimated construction cost, proposed location, and the business case for a new facility, including some of the operating costs and revenue projections.

No final decisions on project scope or other major considerations have been made at this point. If a decision is made to move forward with a project, voters would have to approve any borrowing required to build the new facility through a referendum.
To learn more about the planning process for the project and the community input to date, visit:

Media Inquiries: | 250-794-3313

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PRRD Withdraws Support for Treaty Land Sharing Network

The PRRD has notified Scion Strategies Ltd. that it has withdrawn its support for the Treaty Land Sharing Network proposal that was submitted to the PRRD for consideration. The PRRD Board made this decision following extensive concerns raised by residents in the region when the proposal was being discussed at the Committee of the Whole meeting on June 8, 2023.

That said, if individual landowners want to be part of this Network, they still have the option to do so. Scion Strategies Ltd.’s proposal was always based on voluntary involvement with no obligation to participate.

Scion Strategies proposed the Treaty Land Sharing Network initiative as part of work the company is doing with Indigenous communities. This was never a PRRD-led program, and when residents expressed clearly that they did not want it in this region, the Board made the decision to advise Scion Strategies its proposed Treaty Land Sharing Network would not be endorsed by the PRRD as a local government until landowners are in agreement.

The upcoming June 28, 2023 Committee of the Whole meeting is still taking place even though the PRRD has withdrawn its support for the Network and the Board is no longer considering it. There was one delegation that did not have an opportunity to make their presentation, and the Board committed to scheduling a continuation of the meeting to provide them with the opportunity to share their input.

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Online reservation system open for Blackfoot Regional Park

The Peace River Regional District (PRRD) has partnered with Let’s Camp to offer online reservations for Blackfoot Regional Park. Let’s Camp is a user-friendly platform that allows visitors to view available sites, book and securely pay for the perfect camping spot up to 30 days in advance.

Blackfoot Regional Park is located approximately 75 kilometers east of Fort St. John and 51 kilometers north of Dawson Creek at 2098 Rolla Road. The parks boasts scenic views of the mighty Peace River, contains unique forest landscapes and diverse wildlife ecology. Local residents established the park with a crew of summer students in 1972 through a grant from the Province of British Columbia. The Regional District assumed maintenance ownership of the property by 1988.
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