Notice of Proposed BC Hydro Project Amendment

As part of the construction for BC Hydro’s Site C project, BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) approvals were granted for the use of a conveyor system to move dam construction material from the 85th Ave. Industrial Lands to the dam construction site.

BC Hydro is now planning to apply to the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) for an amendment to the project’s approval in order to haul this material in dump trucks by public road in the event the conveyor system is shut down.

Map of conveyor system
route currently in use.

 Map of BC Hydro’s proposed
alternate hauling routes.

Additional facts about the proposed changes:

  • Hauling material by truck will occur a minimum of 1 day per month, and will possibly occur up to 7 months per year from 2021 through 2023.
  • When road hauling occurs, there will be up to 122 trucks per hour between 7 am and 7 pm (except during school bus hours) travelling this proposed route
  • This works out to 1 truck passing any point on the roads every 30 seconds.
  • Haul trucks will be typical dump trucks seen on public roads, such as those pictured below

Peace River Regional District Position on the Proposed Changes

The Peace River Regional District (PRRD) Board and staff are very concerned about the traffic, dust, noise, nuisances and increased disturbance to residents that hauling from 85th Ave. Industrial Lands would cause.

This notice to residents is the first step in our response. Your Board will be making submissions to the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO), with a copy to BC Hydro, and will work to ensure that residents have a full opportunity to provide input.

Please watch for further information and opportunities to provide your input.

Any questions or inquiries regarding the pending application should be referred to:

Site C Project Team
Email: sitec@bchydro.com
Tel: 250-785-3420
Toll Free: 877-217-0777

Download and Print the Notice Here

Goodlow Transfer Station Temporarily Closed

The Goodlow Transfer Station will be closed Friday January 15 and Saturday January 16, 2021.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

For questions or comments please call Environmental Services at 250-784-3200

Proposed Charlie Lake Fire Services Expansion – Petition Results

The Proposed Charlie Lake Fire Services Expansion Petition results have now been posted. There is a +/-20% in favour response for the proposed expansion of the Charlie Lake Fire Department to include Road Rescue and First Medical Response Services. Section 337 (3) of the Local Government Act states that in order for a petition to be certified as sufficient, it must be signed by the owners of at least 50% of the parcels that in total represent 50% of the net taxable value of all land and improvements within the service area, and Section 212 (4-6) of the Community Charter states that the corporate officer must determine the validity and sufficiency of a petition to the Board, and certify this determination.

As there were less than 50% of the property owners in favour of expansion of the Charlie Lake Fire Department to include either first medical responder services or road rescue services, the petitions failed.

You can find more information about the petition that was held by view the engage page here, or by reading the report on the January 14, 2021 Regional Board Meeting Agenda.

Notice of Water Disruption: Buick Creek

Buick Creek Water Station will be closed for maintenance from 12:00pm to 5:00pm Tuesday January 12th for regular maintenance.

Please be advised that the tank loader and bottle fill stations will not be operating during this closure. However the Prespatou Water Station located at 21869 Triad Road will remain open during this timeframe.

If you have any concerns please feel free to contact Joe Mottishaw, Environmental Services Coordinator with the PRRD at 250-219-4080, or email joe.mottishaw@prrd.bc.ca

Area B: New Potable Water Rate Approved

At its December 17, 2020 meeting, the PRRD Electoral Area board of directors approved a bylaw amendment that aligns Area B water bottle fill hose rates with neighbouring municipalities. Effective January 15, 2021, the new water rate for the bottle fill hose will increase to $3 per 18-litre bottle.

This new rate is to align current water rates with neighbouring businesses that offer potable bottle fill services within the region. When the Area B water stations were first established, the intention was to ensure water was offered to residents at rates comparable to the surrounding areas.  As such, the bulk fill rate will maintain its current rate of $3 per cubic meter to remain comparable to the municipality of Fort St John.

To view the interactive web map of the electoral areas or to read more about water services provided by the PRRD, please visit www.prrd.bc.ca

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