Regional District

Working to support rural, community and regional interests

What we do… What we strive for… What you can expect …SweetwaterRd

The Peace River Regional District (PRRD) was established in 1987 when the lands formerly included in the Peace River-Liard Regional District were divided into two regional districts. The PRRD encompasses approximately twelve million hectares (120,000 square kilometers), includes serves a population of 58,264 that resides in seven incorporated municipalities and four rural electoral areas.

Regional districts in British Columbia were established by the Provincial Government for three primary purposes:

  • to act as local government for their (unincorporated) electoral areas;
  • to provide the political and administrative frameworks necessary for member municipalities and electoral areas to collaborate in the provision of services; and,
  • to be the regional service body responsible for providing regional services to, and undertaking key activities on behalf of, their entire regions.

Our Mission

To work together to enhance the spirit, traditions and diversity of the Peace River Region and to support a high quality fo life for its residents.

Our Vision

A strong, diverse and sustainable Peace River Region inspired by innotative leadershp that promotes livable and safe communties and a helathy, natural environment.

Our Values

  • Accountability: Taking ownership and accepting responsibility for making decisions and the following up implementation of those decisions;
  • Integrity: Making decisions for and actiing in the best interests of the Region;
  • Cooperation: Willing to work together and support one another;
  • Leadership: Making sound decisions and demonstrating vision while focusing on the future;
  • Credibility: Ensurng the business of the Region is transparent and believable;
  • Respect: Showing consideration for people, lands and governing bodies; 
  • Trust: Ensuring confidence in one another; and
  • Honesty: Practicing sincerity, genuineness and frankness when making decision.

Our GoalsRussell_stackyard004

  1. Work together and support one another
  2. Be a unified voice . . . be a player
  3. Be a leader in sustainability
  4. Be fiscally responsible
  5. Maintain a professional working environment
  6. Provide quality service delivery

Our Customer Service Values

What you can expect from the Peace River Regional District when you come to our offices or do business with us.

“We are …”

Friendly Helpful
Fair Cooperative
Respectful Consistent
Resourceful Professional

“Our bottom line is … let’s get the job done.”