Electoral Area “E”

Director: Dan RoseDirector.Rose

Dan Rose, elected as Director for Electoral Area ‘E’ in November 2014, lives in Groundbirch, BC.  He served as the Electoral Area ‘E’ Alternate Director for Tim Caton from 2005 to 2011. 

Dan has lived in Groundbirch since 1990 where he and his wife Wendy operate a ranching business.  They have a daughter and two sons who all live in the Dawson Creek area.

Alternate Director: Larry Houley

Contact Dan:

Residence:  (250) 780-2382
PRRD Office, Dawson Creek (250) 784-3200
PRRD Fax:  (250) 784-3201
Email: dan.rose@prrd.bc.ca

Regional Board Appointments

Agriculture Advisory Committee
Electoral Area Directors’ Committee
Regional Parks Committee
Solid Waste Committee
Water Stewardship Comittee
Chetwynd Public Library Advisory Committee
Medical Scholarship Criteria Select Committee
Chetwynd Civic Properties Commission
Electoral Area E Industrial Develpment Committee / Commission
Emergency Executive Committee
Fire Management Committees – Chetwynd and Moberly
Rural Budget Administration Committee
Canadian Forest Products / Chetwynd Advisory Committee
Chetwynd Communications Society
Chetwynd Library
Northern Development Initiative – NE Regional Advisory Committee
Coastal Gas Link Pipeline
Regional Community Liaison Committee – Site C Clean Energy Project
Sukunka Coal Project