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Director: Bradley Sperling

Brad Sperling, elected as Director for Electoral Area ‘C’ in the November 2014 Local Government Election and as Board Chair in 2017.  He has lived in Charlie Lake for the past 10 years and in Fort St. John for more than 35 years.  He worked for BC Rail for 10 years and has been self-employed as a carpenter since then.

Alternate Director:  Kimberly Wylie

Contact Director Sperling:

Residence:  250 785-1621
PRRD Office Fort St. John:  250 785-8084
PRRD Office Dawson Creek:  250 784-3200
Email: brad.sperling@prrd.bc.ca

Regional Board Appointments:

Electoral Area Directors’ Committee
Invasive Plant Committee
Solid Waste Committee (Alternate)
Health Care Scholarship Criteria Select Committee
North Peace Fringe Area Official Community Plan Steering Committee
Emergency Executive Committee
Fire Management Committees – Fort St. John and Taylor
North Peace Airport Commission
North Peace Leisure Pool Commission
Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel
Rural Budget Administration Committee
Charlie Lake Conservation Society
Hydro Go Fund (BCH Peace Regioin Non-Profit Community Fund)
Municipal Finance Authority of BC
Northern Development Initiative – NE Regional Advisory Committee
Peace Region Non-Profit Committee Fund (BC Hydro go Fund)
Regional Community Liaison Committee – Site C Clean Energy Project