Landfill and Transfer Stations

The PRRD has a network of landfills and transfers stations, use the interactive map below to find out location and hours or scroll down on the page for more information.

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For questions about hours, operations, and acceptable materials please call 1-800-670-7773


The PRRD operates three landfills throughout the Region:

The PRRD’s landfills accept a variety of items such as household waste, bulky waste, wood waste, metal waste, tires, concrete, and numerous others.  However, our landfills DO NOT accept liquid waste, hazardous waste, smouldering ashes, and oil, gas, and industrial waste.   

Transfer Stations

The PRRD also operates a series of transfer stations in rural locations to increase the level of services to residents.  There are two types of transfer stations – Tier 1 and Teir 2.

Tier 1 Transfer Stations

Tier 1 Transfer Station – Accepts items such as household recycling, household waste, bulky waste, wood waste, metal waste, and stewardship items such as tires and lead acid batteries.  All Tier 1 Transfer Stations, excluding Dawson Creek, operate a Share Shed. 

*Prespatou Transfer Station also collects Paint Products through Product Care.

Tier 2 Transfer Stations:

Tier 2 Transfer Stations – Accepts household recycling, household garbage, and operate a Share Shed 

Upper Halfway – (Hours changed for the winter season) 

Tuesday – Friday: 8am to 2 pm
Wednesday: 12pm to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 6pm

Other Sites

Transfer Sites and Transtors

Rural Transfer Sites open 24/7

Location Maps

Here are a variety of location maps for the PRRD’s solid waste network: