LOAD RESTRICTIONS within the Peace District, Service Area 21, South Peace


Pursuant to Section 66 of the Transportation Act the following load restrictions will be imposed, on the following Provincial Highways and Roads until further notice:

LOAD RESTRICTIONS within the Peace District, Service Area 21, South Peace

Effective 10:00 pm PST on Friday, May 26th, 2017

All Provincial Numbered Routes, paved or gravel – 100% Legal Axle Loading
All Provincial Side Roads, paved or gravel – 70% Legal Axle Loading except as listed below

50% Legal Axle Loading
Lone Prairie Road 28 (from Highway 29S Don Phillips Way to Beers Rd 28A)
One Island Lake Road 18 (from Highway 52E to Km 20.8)

75% Legal Axle Loading
Backroad Road 206M (fro! m Pederson Road 215 east to Berry Road 213A)
Berry Road 213A (from Pederson Road 206M to Road 206D)
Briar Ridge Road 4 (from Highway 2 to Highway 49)
Braden Road 22 (from Highway 97S to Highway 97N)
Jackfish Lake Road 12 (from Burbee Road 12D to Boysen Road 69A)
Pederson Road 215 (from Highway 2 to Backroad Road 206M)
Triangle Rd 25 (from Old Alaska Highway Road 64 to West Coast Road 235)

100% Legal Axle Loading
Bessbourough Road 212 (from Highway 97 west to Mason/Semple Road 237)
Burbee Road 12D (from Jackfish Road 12, east for 300m)
Cosins Road 213C (from Highway 49 north for 400m)
Dangerous Goods Route Road 94
Fabric 84 Road (from highway 97S to end)
Hasler Road 26
Imperial Accesss Road 210 (from Washington Road 221 east to North Rolla Road 219)
Jackfish Lake Road 12 (from Highway 29N to Burbee Road)
Johnson Road 232C (from Highway 97 east for 1.8km)
Lowe Road 200L
Magusin Ro! ad 245W (from Highway 97N south to the bridge just south of Parkland Road 7)
Mason/Semple Road 237
McQueens Road 210 (from North Rolla Road 219 east to Rolla Road 3)
Old Alaska Highway Road 64 (from Highway 97N (north end) to Triangle Road 25)
Old Alaska Highway Road 64 (from intersection with 97N (South end) to km 3.7)
Pulp Mill Road 1A (from Highway 97S to West Coast Pipeline)
Pumphouse Access Road 208C
Ranson Road 33
East Arras Road 41A (from intersection of 97S to Pumphouse Access Road 208C)
Rolla Road 3
Sweetwater Road 6 (from North Rolla Road 219 to Rolla Road 3)
Washington Road 221 (from Highway 97 to Imperial Access Road 210)

Ministry Contact: Amelia Adams, District Operations Technician 250-719-8372 or Amelia.Adams@gov.bc.ca
Issued by: Angie Allwood, A/District Manager, Transportation, Peace District
All overload permits on restricted routes are invalid for the duration of these res! trictions. The applicable tolerances provided under 7.26(1) of the reg! ulations pursuant to the Commercial Transport Act shall apply. Violators of the regulations and restrictions will be prosecuted. The public, and trucking and transportation companies should govern themselves accordingly.
Online at: http://www.th.gov.bc.ca/bchighways/loadrestrictions/loadrestrictions.htm