Don’t Wait for the Water – Get Flood Ready Now!

There are things you can do to reduce potentially expensive damage from overland flooding.  Follow the 10 simple tips below and check Canada’s Flood Ready website for more ways on how to prepare.

  1. Put sealant around basement windows and the base of ground-level doors.
  2. Install flood shields or barriers for basement windows and doors.
  3. Raise large appliances in the basement above the potential water level from a flood.
  4. Secure furnaces, water heaters, and/or oil tanks so they won’t tip over in a flood.
  5. Check that all basement flood drains are not blocked or covered up.
  6. Make sure your sump pump is working and install a battery-operated backup.
  7. Ensure your property is graded so that water runs away from your basement walls.
  8. Check that your roof and eavestroughs are draining properly in heavy rains.
  9. Make sure your downspouts extend at least 2 m (6’) from your basement walls.
  10. Use a rain barrel to catch runoff from your roof.