The Peace River Regional District and Hospital District serve the Peace River region of British Columbia, south of the 58th parallel and east of the Rocky Mountains to the Alberta border. Its boundaries encompass approximately twelve million hectares (46,000 square miles). The population resides in seven incorporated municipalities and four rural electoral areas.


    Public Notices

    Notice of Public Hearing-South of Fort St John on 73rd Ave.

    The Purpose of this meeting is to hear from owners and occupiers of land whose interests may be impacted by the proposed bylaw amendments.

    Proposal: To amend the OCP from MDR (Medium Density Residential) to LSI (Light/Service Industrial) pursuant to NPFA OCP Bylaw No. 1870, 2009, and to amend the zoning from R-3 (Residential 3 Zone) to I-1 (Light Industrial Zone) pursuant to PRRD Zoning Bylaw No. 1343, 2001 to allow for the construction of a 6,000 ft2 shop to be used as the base for an off-site light industrial business.

    July 14, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

    North Peace Leisure Pool Meeting Room
    9505-100th Street
    Fort St John, BC

    Public Notice



    Bylaw Page Launched

    The Peace River Regional District Bylaw page is now live! and available on the website at Bylaws. It can also be reached through Quick Links or Services > Administration > Bylaws.

    Open Burning Ban Rescinded

    PRINCE GEORGE - Effective at 12 noon on Thursday, June 18, 2015, open burning will once again be permitted throughout the Prince George Fire Center's jurisdiction.  Refer to the June 17 Notice for more information.

    Romedo Springs Update

    Due to the continuing presence of coliform, Romedo Springs will be closed until further notice.  

    The PRRD tests the Romedo Springs for the presence of E.coli and total coliforms.  Due to previous tests where the presence of total coliforms were present, Romedo Springs was closed.  The latest test results indicated that the results were negative for both E.coli and total coliforms.  A second consecutive negative test result is required before the facility can be considered to be re-opened.  The test results are expected to be available by June 19, 2015.  If the facility is reopened, the water is only to be used for agricultural purposes and not be used for drinking.  

     Check back for updates.

    Industrial Burning – Use Extreme Caution

    Wildfire Management Branch is urging anyone involved with industrial activities to exercise extreme caution as we are experiencing an extended period of hot and dry weather, causing an increased risk of wildfire.  For more details please see the attached Information Bulletin issued today by the Prince George Fire Centre.

    Regional Parks

    Mama and cubs 2Its the start of the season for many of our Regional Parks.  The May long weekend marks the start of the season for many of our Regional Parks.  Its also a time when many people begin to get out and enjoy the outdoors. The Peace Region has an abundance of parks, trails, camping and back country areas for your enjoyment, but those areas are also home to a variety of wildlife, including bears. Protect yourself and the wildlife in the areas by properly storing food and garbage, pack out what you take in, be aware of your surroundings, children and pets. The responsibility to manage wildlife and human conflict rest with us all. For more info check out: